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In Toronto, on 23 April 2018, "10 people died after a white van struck a crowd of people."

The driver fled the scene.

Above we see bald headed Alek Minassian being arrested in Toronto, in connection with the van attack.

In this courtroom sketch, 'Alek Minassian' (no longer bald) is seen in court where he was charged with ten counts of first degree murder.

"I have a gun in my pocket" – the moment Alek Minassian was arrested.

The Toronto van attacker is bald in the arrest photos' but has full head of hair in court sketches.


Not bald.


Minassian is said to be an Asperger's sufferer.

Minassian was very briefly in the army, and may have been mind controlled.

Allegedly, Minassian  is an admirer of the alleged Santa Barbara 'shooter' Elliot Rodger


False Flag attacks are part of the CIA's Strategy of Tension', designed to get people scared, so that they will support the Powers-That-Be.



aangirfan: Strategy of Tension
1 Nov 2007 - There has been speculation that all the recent terror incidents in Britain are part of a 'strategy of tension' similar to that which brought terror to Greece, Italy and Turkey in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. If elements of the security services could catch and kill someone on the London Underground and then ...

25 Jul 2011 - Attending Bilderberg in 2011: H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. Norway has experienced the 'Strategy of Tension'. The CIA and its friends employ the Strategy of Tension in order to control the public. In 1969, the Piazza Fontana bombing, in Italy, killed 16 and injured 90. This was part of the CIA's ...

16 Apr 2016 - SANDY HOOK - STRATEGY OF TENSION. The Sandy Hook school 'shooting' occurred on 14 December 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut. This was reportedly part of the CIA's Strategy of Tension - designed to get people scared, so they will continue to support the rich right-wing elite. Toulouse school ...

4 Oct 2015 - OREGON SHOOTING - CIA'S STRATEGY OF TENSION. The Oregon shooting took place at Umpqua Community College, where the Oregon 'shooter' Christopher Harper-Mercer was enrolled. The French train attack 'hero' Alek Skarlatos was enrolled at Umpqua Community College. (Thanks to ...

4 Oct 2015 - OREGON SHOOTING - CIA'S STRATEGY OF TENSION. The Oregon shooting took place at Umpqua Community College, where the Oregon 'shooter' Christopher Harper-Mercer was enrolled. The French train attack 'hero' Alek Skarlatos was enrolled at Umpqua Community College. (Thanks to ...

26 May 2014 - BLONDE ELLIOT RODGER. Blonde Elliot In My Twisted World - The Story of Elliot Rodger, 'Elliot' wrote that he enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the English countryside. Elliot Rodgerremembered happy English ... 'Elliot' wrote: "For preschool, I was enrolled at Dorset House." Apparently, Dorset House has ...

1 Jun 2014 - ELLIOT RODGER - INNOCENT PATSY MIND CONTROLLED BY THE CIA? Elliot Rodger - mind controlled sex slave? Just a few miles away from where Elliot Rodger lived is Laurel Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills region of Los Angeles. Laurel Canyon. Billy Bryars, the son of an oil magnate, ran a 'boy ...

26 May 2014 - ELLIOT RODGER CONSPIRACY. Elliot Rodger's step mother is Soumaya Akaaboune (above), who is Moroccan and who appears to have Jewish connections. When the Voices Fade. Soumaya Akaaboune is the daughter of Abdeslam Akaaboune who has links to the security services in the USA.

20 Jun 2015 - Elliot Roger and his father Peter Rogers at the premiere of The Hunger Games. Elliot Rodger is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. In this book, children are regularly selected to compete in a ...

2 Jun 2014 - In the above video we see Elliot Rodger's father Peter Rodger with Hugh Jackman, the star of Bryan Singer's X-Men. Above we see Bryan Singer with Hugh Jackman. Above we see Bryan Singer and Frankie Donjae. Above we see Hugh Jackman and his adopted son Oscar. Li Chin, who "was a friend of ...

28 Jun 2014 - In the interview, Peter Rodger said his son changed from being a happy boy - 'he would laugh so much that sometimes we were worried he would choke' - to being a subdued and anti-social teen with no friends. Young Elliot's ear. Older Elliot's ear. Peter Rodger said his son was worried about being a ...

26 May 2014 - According to 'the CIA's script', Elliot Rodger (above) was going to kill his little brother. And, after he had 'annihilated every single girl in the sorority house' he would take to the streets of Isla Vista and slay every single person he saw there. http://www.dailymail. Elliot Rodger may not have killed anyone.

4 Oct 2015 - Elliot Rodger is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook. DYLANN ROOF LINK TO SANDY HOOK, ELLIOT RODGER, HUN.... 48% of Americans oppose more gun control; 45% support gun control. Aangirfan is ...

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Macron and Trump.

The small number of select guests at the State Dinner, at the White House, on 24 April 2018 included:

Emmanuel Macron

Henry Kissinger

Rupert Murdoch

John Bolton

Mike Pompeo

Ivanka Trump



The above 12 year-old Palestinian boy, shot by an Israel army sniper, has lost his leg.

Middle East Monitor‏

The UK Sells $445 Million of arms to Israel, including Sniper Rifles, after Israel just murdered over 25 unarmed Palestinians in cold blood with sniper rifles. 


"The National Guard set up a machine gun on a hill overlooking the tent city and began raining down bullets on the workers and their families.

"The soldiers then invaded the colony and began setting fires to the tents, trapping many innocent people to die inside."

US Military Slaughtered Kids in Colorado


The World is being run by the HENRY KISSINGER's FRIENDS.

"This image taken after the Saudi-led wedding party bombing in Yemen last Sunday featured a young boy clinging to his father's dead body, refusing to leave. 

"The West's mass media won’t allow this picture to circulate. It might help stop our ally's slaughter." 


Prince William has a THIRD CHILD.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Jeffret Epstein's colleague Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is the third child of Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Andrew has been linked to  Jeffrey Epstein who is linked to child abuse rings.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the third of the (surviving) children of Frances Ruth Roche.

She is alleged to have been murdered because she knew too much about child abuse rings.

Mary, Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood. She was the third child of King George V.

George V's third child was Princess Mary.

At the age of 24 she married Viscount Lascelles, the 6th Earl of Harewood, aged 39, who was said to have proposed marriage to her only for a bet.

Their elder son was George Lascelles who married Marion Stein.

Stein went on to marry the gay politician Jeremy Thorpe.

Jeremy Thorpe liked sex with 'rough proletarian' lads.

Louise, bottom right. 

Louise, Princess Royal and Duchess of Fife, was the third child of King Edward VII .

Louise became the Duchess of Fife after marrying 'an obscure Scottish aristocrat', the Earl of Fife.

Fife was 40 and she was 22 when they married.

At the age of 34, while sailing with her family to Egypt, Louise was shipwrecked off the coast of Morocco.

All aboard were rescued, but her husband died soon afterwards from pleurisy.

Princess Alice of Hesse.

Princess Alice was the third child of Queen Victoria.

Alice married a German princeling, Louis of Hesse, and became Grand Duchess of Hesse.

Alice's daughter Alexandra married Tsar Nicholas II and became an empress.

Alice's daughter Elisabeth married Grand Duke Sergei of Russia.

Both daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth, were murdered in 1918 by the Bolsheviks.

Sophia, Baroness De L'Isle and Dudley

Sophia was the third child of King William IV.

She was illegitimate.

Her mother was the Anglo-Irish actress Dorothea Jordan.

Dorothea Jordan died in poverty when her daughter was 19.

Sophia died in childbirth at the age of  36.

William IV

William IV was the third child of the 'mad' George III.

William had many mistresses and many illegitimate children.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


Mandy Richards with Jeremy Corbyn. In Worcester, in the UK, Mandy Richards has been selected as the Labour Party's candidate in the next General Election.

Mandy Richards has said that people were murdered to cover up the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal.

She tweeted: 'Key journalists and witnesses in UK child sex abuse scandal investigation disappeared before the inquiry tackled critical cases.'

Cliff Richard and Tony Blair

Mandy Richards does not trust the security services, MI5 and MI6.

She says that: "between 2015 - 2017 there were a number of unexplained incidents in and around my home including home invasion, theft, a car break-in, computer hacking, bike tampering, mail tampering, a fridge fire and electrical surges rendering my computers and mobile phones unusable. 

"This all coincided with a series of serious unexplained health conditions."

Labour's Worcester MP candidate Mandy Richards breaks silence

Mandy Richards brought failed actions against MI5, MI6, the police and the army,

In Worcester, in the UK, Mandy Richards has been selected as the Labour Party's candidate in the next General Election.


It is believed that the Kosher Nostra/Deep State has tried to control the UK Labour Party using such people as Sir Greville Janner, Margaret Hodge and Tony Blair, all of whom have been linked to child abuse rings.

Mandy Richards is a 'conspiracy theorist'.

Mandy Richards has questioned the official story about Member of Parliament Jo Cox, who was reportedly murdered.

Mandy Richards has questioned the official story on the Manchester Arena 'false flag' bombing.

The Labour Party is facing demands to dump Mandy Richards.


Monday, 23 April 2018


Martin Richard


Martin Richard


Martin Richard

Above is a picture of Martin Richard, taken in April 2012 during a classroom lesson on the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Martin Richard was at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Martin Richard

"One more Syrian boy, 10-year-old Mustafa, who was portrayed as a victim in a video of the alleged chemical attack's aftermath in the city of Douma, told Sputnik that the kids had been given cookies and bags of potatoes for their featuring in the staged filming.

"Mustafa, thereby, entirely confirmed the account of the events shared by another minor participant of the footage, which was used to justify the Western countries' military action against Damascus."

Another child confirms he was given food for participating in militant's staged chemical weapons attack in Douma

"The fact that a 15yo Gaza boy was unarmed and rather far from a border fence didn't stop Israeli snipers from shooting him, a witness who filmed the act told RT, as grieving parents called the killing of their son an 'execution.'

"Mohammed Ayoub was shot dead by an Israeli sniper on 20 April 2018, as the heated protests along the heavily fortified Israeli border with Gaza went into their fourth week. The so-called 'March of Return' protest is being staged as a desperate Palestinian claim to their former homes, appropriated from them by Israel in 1948."

Video proves family's claim that unarmed Palestinian teen was far from border fence when executed by Israeli snipers

Judith Querimit14 January 2017. In Kent, Kent, United Kingdom.

Julian Cadman (bottom right) was reportedly killed in the Barcelona Attack of 17 August 2017.

Above, we see what is supposed to be Julian Cadman in Barcelona, on 17 August 2017.

Above, we see what is supposed to be Alan Kurdi.

Julian Cadman was reported as missing after the attack in Barcelona, on 17 August 2017.

Kylian was caught up in the FALSE FLAG at the GRASSE school.

This is Megan Carloto, who claims she was shot at by Elliot Rodger.

This is Corey Lau, a Facebook friend of Megan Carloto

This is Elliot Rodger, who reportedly shot at Megan Carloto.

This is said to be Dylann Roof.

No prominant moles?

This said to be Dylann Roof.

Prominant moles.

Mathieu, Alexandre and their father Raymond Bissonnette.

The above photo is from the original Facebook page of Alexandre Bissonnette.

This is Alexandre Bissonnette's Facebook AFTER it was interfered with.

We saw the Facebook page of Alexandre Bissonnette before it was interfered with.

The 'horror' images above were added AFTER the page was interfered with.

The original Facebook pages showed innocent stuff.

Who has the power to alter the pages of someone's Facebook?

CIA, Mossad or Canadian intelligence services?


Sunday, 22 April 2018


George W. Bush is shown with his father, George Bush and mother, Barbara Bush in1955.

Psychologist Oliver James has analysed the behaviour of George W Bush

"Barbara Bush is described by her closest intimates as prone to 'withering stares' and 'sharply crystalline' retorts.

"She is also extremely tough.

"When he was seven, Bush's younger sister, Robin, died of leukaemia and several independent witnesses say he was very upset by this loss.

"Barbara claims its effect was exaggerated but nobody could accuse her of overreacting: the day after the funeral, she and her husband were on the golf course."

Read more

The Bush Clan.

The Bush family were business partners with the bin Ladens.


Bush Family - Slavery and sex slaves.
George W. Bush's great-great-great-great-grandfather, Thomas Walker, was a slave trader.
"There could not possibly have been a more inhuman monster than this Walker.
"Many a poor seaman has been brought by him to an untimely end."
In 1797, his own crew mutinied, shot him dead and threw him overboard.
Read more:

Brice Taylor, in her book, writes that George H W Bush was a child abuser.

Brice says that her daughter Kelly was abused by George H W Bush.
Brice writes:

"Over the years, Kelly was closely tied into the trauma I received.

"Repeatedly she was tortured and traumatized in front of me in an effort to keep me in line.

"Her torture fragmented her psyche in order to create multiple personalities within her, so she could follow in my footsteps for later use as a 'presidential model' ...

"George Bush, was/is a pedophile and Kelly was created to be, as I later found out from a renegade CIA operative, what was called a 'Bush Baby.'"

Cathy O'Brien describes how she and her daughter were hunted like animals - by George Bush - on Bob Hope's Jordan Ranch.

What about some other presidents?

"From an early age, Brice Taylor was prostituted as a mind controlled sex slave to Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and then Governor Ronald Reagan."

Bush and a scout.

"One of Bush's alleged former boyfriends, Anthony Berusca (class of '70), told The Dallas Morning News that Bush was 'deeply conflicted about being gay, even somewhat self-hating'...

"Bush claimed to be straight, born again, and engaged to Laura Welch. 

"Kitty Kelly in THE FAMILY wrote that Bush's twin daughters were not his offspring, but from a donor at a fertility clinic. 

"Bush at all-male Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts was 'head' cheerleader. 

"Drama club and cheerleading are where the gay boys hang out.

"George earned the nickname Lips Bush for his skill at giving blow jobs to his fraternity buddies, according to Kitty Kelley. 

"Bush has gay-style excrement nick names for the people he hangs out with: 'Turdblossom' term for Karl Rove.

"Note the classic juxtaposition of the obscene with the feminine to come up with a nickname for a gay man. 

"For example, the late David Lewis went under the name Sally Suckemsilly. 

'"Bulldog' term for both Victor Ashe and Jeff Gannon aka Jim Gluckert; 'Pooty Poot' term for Vladimir Putin, Russian President; 'Mr. Big O' term for lispy treasury secretary Paul O'Neill."

George Bush's GayGate


Firestarter comments as follows:

In the 1980s there was a massive child abuse ring which involved George H.W. Bush and Satanist Michael Aquino. 

The Franklin affair started in 1988 with some 40 million dollars embezzled by the Franklin Credit Union. 

During the investigation a large amount of child pornography was found, including some with high officials. 

At the end of the 1980s some 80 young people testified they had been sexually abused. This includes information on sex abuse at the Bohemian Grove and Colonel Michael Aquino.

This affair was described in a number of books, notably “The Franklin cover-up” of John DeCamp (please note that DeCamp is part of the cover-up):

Child victim Paul Bonacci testified that at 6 years old he became part of the group that was sexually abused by (the customers of) Larry King and Alan Baer.

Bonacci was sexually abused at Bohemian Grove in California (not named in DeCamp’s book), where he witnessed the murder of a “boy”.

In the video Bonacci tells he was repeatedly sodomised by Congressman Barney Frank. 

He saw (then vice-president) George H.W. Bush at several parties. 

He saw a white boy from Washington DC and a black boy from Omaha perform oral sex on Bush Sr.

He also saw the daughter of Ronald Reagan at the parties (not engaged in sex though):

Eulice “Lisa” Washington (Nelly Patterson Webb), was sexually abused from 15 years of age (1985) at parties in Washington, Chicago and New-York. 

Lisa was a foster child in the family of Jarrett and Barbara Webb (related to Larry King and Jarrett was part of the board of directors of the Franklin Credit Union).

When she was underage, Lisa was put on display on a table at a party in Chicago in 1984 wearing only a negligee, when she saw George Bush Sr. pay King money, who then left the party with a nineteen year old black boy named Brent:

The best information I found on the Franklin scandal is from former FBI agent, the late Ted L. Gunderson: